~Tom Felton~
(or better known as Draco...)


Hey everybody! This is Sara again...
I must admit that when I first saw previews for Harry Potter, my first thought was, "What the heck is with that guys hair?!?"
(Ok, it's true Tom's hair was screwed up in the movie, but in real life it's a lot better!)
I saw the movie for the first time (yes, the first) in Michigan on vacation with my family.
To be honest, the theater ...well... it wasn't the most comfortable place to see the movie (the seats were really annoying!)
So I was happily enjoying the movie, despite the seats, the sticky floor, and the messed up ticket stubs, when the first year get into the Great Hall.
At that moment, Draco (Tom) goes up and introduces himself to Harry in an extremely snobby way...
All of you who don't know me might think that that's a really strange introduction to a character that your obsessed with.
(That may be true, but there have been stranger ways! So think I'm a jerk for likin the evil child... what're ya gonna do?) (Tiffany, stop laughing!)
Just because he's a jerk in the movie doesn't mean that he is one in real life!
Well, the second time I saw HP was with my best friend, Tiffany (I know you're laughing!)
Everytime he came on the screen I would pull on her jacket really hard.. It was funny!
The rest of the people seeing the movie probably thought that I was a freak but I don't really care.
So, for all you who haven't gotten the picture, I'll put in words that hopefully you'll understand...
I saw the movie,
Saw Tom Felton,
Love the movie a LOT!,
Love Tom Felton (well.... it's not that extreme)

Anyway... Here's my fansite!

There's more coming!

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